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普通中等教育证书考试 地理位置

Going Places – 地理位置 aims to understand the world and stimulate an interest in places.

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Exam Board: AQA


We hope to inspire students to become global citizens by exploring their place in the world and their values as well as their responsibilities to other people and to the environment. The content focuses on current issues in a complex and dynamic world.

A modern and engaging approach covers key ideas and debates such as climate change, globalisation, economic progress, urban regeneration and management of world resources. The focus of this course is an understanding of the changing nature of physical and human processes, and of how the physical/human interface needs to be managed in order to ensure human and environmental sustainability. Students will learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between people, places and cultures, leading to an improved understanding of societies and economies.

Course Content

The AQA 普通中等教育证书考试 syllabus is divided into three papers have been designed to develop an understanding of both the natural and the human environment

  • Living with the physical environment
  • Challenges in the human environment
  • Geographical skills and applications

Where does it lead?

地理位置 is very versatile, developing skills that are relevant in a number of different careers or Higher Education courses, such as: interpretation, communication, becoming an effective and independent learner and a critical and reflective thinker with an enquiring mind.

To gain knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts relevant to a changing world and to be able to take responsibility as a global citizen who can recognise how individuals can contribute to a sustainable future is invaluable.

Students of 地理位置 might go on to study for university degrees in that subject – or a range of other subjects including: History, 社会学, 心理学, English and Law. 地理位置 is a subject that can support careers in the above areas as well as Teaching, 物流, 业务 & Finance, Journalism, Publishing and Politics.

Employers view 地理位置 as an ideal topic of study and one that develops essential and transferable skills. Indeed a recent survey showed that 地理位置 graduates are behind only Law and Sports Sciences in their employability, due to the wide range of transferable skills they have.



Living with the physical environment

Written paper, 1 hour 30 minutes, 88 marks.


Challenges in the human environment

Written paper, 1 hour 30 minutes, 88 marks.


Geographical applications

Written paper, 1 hour 15 minutes, 76 marks.

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